Tarifa, Spain - 2008                   SPAIN . . .

Flamenco: Fire and Grace album cover



Flamenco music and dance; bullfights; lots of sunshine.

Spain’s history is reflected in Moorish palaces, crumbling castles, Roman ruins, Gothic and Renaissance cathedrals and sleek architecture.

Fragrant and savory Spanish paella is the ultimate Spanish comfort food.  Paella is brought to the table and served directly from the pan.  The only other accompaniments needed are lemon wedges and a loaf of crusty bread — and a good bottle of red wine from Spain! 


"mise en place" for paella

“mise en place” for paella

The prep takes some time, but “mise en place”, everything in its place, is the key to smoothly preparing a paella.

My first run at paella for the Spanish Paella dinner kit turned out great!  Then I received the imported from Spain organic paella rice to try again. Even better!  The organic paella rice has such a nice texture and absorbs all those wonderful flavors, well, wonderfully!

Don’t forget dessert! Flan, ymmm!  ????????????????



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