The closing ceremony has taken place.  It’s time to say goodbye to the Summer Olympics for another 4 years.  We decided to enjoy a cocktail while we watched and chose the Beijing Bellini, created in NYC to commemorate the Olympics in Beijing in 2008.

  • 3 parts champagne or prosecco
  • 1 part lychee liqueur (we chose Soho)
  • 1 lychee nut dropped in bottom of glass (found at asian markets)

Simple and refreshing, the lychee liqueur reminds me of a pomegranate and cranberry mixture, a little tart and quite an intense flavor.  It has a similar flavor as a champagne cocktail which has bitters added to the champagne.

I was able to find fresh lychees at a local asian market, but canned or bottled lychees would work, also.

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