??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????How do you celebrate the Olympics?  Or do you?

My family so looks forward to when the Olympics come around, winter or summer sports, doesn’t matter.  We grab our Olympic mugs, resplendent with Sam the Eagle, that we picked up when the Games hit L.A. in 1984, and plop in front of the big screen to gulp coffee and watch our favorite events.Sam the Eagle!

Of course, we had to start off Friday’s opening ceremony with some small plates from various countries.  How about tasty sardines in olive oil from Spain that I picked up from the grocer?

I can think of many, many small plates I love from Spain, but I didn’t want to ignore some great foods from other countries.

So next we headed to the African continent for a savory chicken bisteeya.  Creamy, crunchy, and a little sweet with powdered sugar and toasted, sweetened almonds. I’ll include the info on this bisteeya variation in a future post.

OK, so not necessarily a favorite of my family’s, but I enjoyed it:  Smoked salmon with cream cheese and fresh dill, served with capers and crackers (damn camera ate my photo!), along with the July cocktail of the month:  the Dawa from Kenya.  Tart, cold, a little sweet becoming sweeter as you stir the dawa stick into the cocktail http://passportdinnersblog.com/2012/07/27/julys-cocktail-of-the-month-out-of-africa/.  Neither the smoked salmon and cream cheese spread or the dawa were difficult to make.

Hmmm, need something a little asian:  chicken shu mai, little steamed dumplings, from the grocer, dipped in a mix of soy sauce, toasted sesame oil and chili oil.  Yep, that works.

Then pay homage to the USA with a Santa Maria style grilled tri tip, fired on the grill to perfection by my honey, paired with a Cote du Rhone from France. 

I think this was just an excuse to eat some great food.

How do you celebrate the Olympics?

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