fifa-world-cupThough the U.S. lags behind, much of the world has their eyes glued to TV screens to watch their favorite country compete in the 2014 FIFA World Cup taking place in exotic Brazil.  Though I have to admit I love American football (go Chargers!), I find world football, or soccer, to be an amazing fast moving high energy contest.

My spouse grew up in Argentina and Chile, and was an avid soccer player.  And he has the scars (cleat marks across his back) to prove it!  Yeah, Argentina is our team this time around!

So our homage last Friday to 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil  was Feijoada (pronounced fay-ZWAH-da), Arroz Brasileiro, and pão de queijo (Brazilian cheese bread).  Feijoada, a black bean stew with cured pork, is a meat fest, a sodium fest, and delicious!



My version, and each mamae’s version is unique, has pork chops, smoked pork chunks, pork bacon, linguiça, and chunks of corned beef along with onions, garlic, dried red chilis, and, of course, black beans.





I simmered it on the stove for a while, then stuck it in the oven for the flavors to meld and thicken.


We served it with Arroz Brasileiro, rice with garlic, onion, and tomato.  And those little cheese bread puffs, Pao de Quiejo.  I realized as I was putting the batter together that they are just a variation of the French sweet profiterole or the American sweet cream puff or the Spanish savory bunuelos:  Hot milk, butter, tapioca flour (instead of wheat flour), eggs and cheese.  So easy!  Mix, roll, and throw in the oven!

soccer ballsSo who’s your team?


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