I began my Passport Dinners business as a offshoot of my love of both food and travel. And I LOVE to throw a party. And if it’s a theme party, all the better!

When my girls were quite young, we introduced them to one of our favorite types of dinner parties, the Moroccan feast. A roomful of friends resting on pillows scattered on the floor. Fragrant warm, sweet, and savory foods brought out on big platters to be devoured, convivially and festively, by the handfuls. No silverware here! Just large napkins or hand towels to wipe up the evidence.

So Passport Dinners was designed to encourage others to create a similar experience with friends and family, not just experiences of Morocco, but Spain, and Italy, and Mexico. And not just places I’ve visited, but places I’ve wanted to visit and explore the foods and cultures of. I’ve been slowly plowing away, slowly increasing sales, but not coming close to the success I originally imagined.

And I’ve had many doubts, such as when I hear, “So, you’re still doing that?” And when my motivation lags and I haven’t picked up the chef’s knife in months to create a new dish. And when my computer crashes and my new computer and old software aren’t compatible.

I’m sure I’m not alone in my desire to share a passion and at the same time to create a business that is successful. Many companies have grown from modest beginnings to quite impressive heights. Auspicious goals are worthy of time and energy.

Enter my business mentor, Carolyn of Your Product Hub. She advised me, “If you’re hearing ‘No. No. No.’,” especially if these No’s are in your own head, it’s time to re-evaluate and chart another course. Am I still passionate about my core idea? Yes. Do I want to invest considerably more time (and more money) to create a better product? Yes. Do I want to add value to my product? Yes.

So here begins the great re-boot of my company, my vision, my passion. And with someone at my side to encourage me and, of great importance to me, to focus me. I’d love to share my process and my progress through this re-invention of my original passion, one box at a time. More to come.

Yes, I’m still entertaining my own family with a favorite, the Moroccan feast. My girls are all grown up and do a lot of their own entertaining, often with a theme and always with great food. And one of my daughters has had the great opportunities to travel to and/or live in Spain and Morocco. And we’ve added a son-in-law to the festivities. Yes, I still LOVE to throw a party!



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