Opening our Moroccan boxes can be a wonderful experience, with the scent of rose oil and the brightly colored pouches and bags filled with all sorts of wonderful organic products to help you prepare a Moroccan feast . . . unless that sticky raw organic honey has escaped it’s cork-topped bottle!


So in our effort to provide you with the best experience possible, I’ve come to the conclusion that something like a shrink band would be a good choice. This goes along with finding out they are called shrink bands! Measure the neck of the bottle or bottles, research shrink bands and how to apply, buy appropriately sized shrink bands, buy heat gun (not using a hair dryer, I find out), and watch a lot of YouTube videos on how to apply them.

In the last photo you’ll see a lot of little failed shrink bands. Not so easy! Seal, baby, seal! But I think I’m getting the hang of it.  All part of our on-going process to make an excellent product. No dripping honey for you!

On to the next issue.



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