As I mentioned a bit ago, I’m in the process of re-booting my business. As happens with many of us who start with a passion and attempt to share that passion with the world via a business, down times do occur.

But with the help of my business mentor, Carolyn of Your Product Hub, I’m beginning to have clarity, focus, and renewed excitement about my evolving product.

So I’ve taken my previous Moroccan Feast box, along with LOTS of photos, and LOTS of lighting angles:


and re-imagined and re-created what I feel is a more authentic experience for my clients to throw their own Exotic Moroccan Feast:


And along the way there’s been “What type of bottles/jars do I use?”


And, “Oops!, that jar leaks! Try another one!”


And “Should I use tins? They’re kinda cute.”


And “How about some fabric pouches? Or kraft paper pouches? What size? What color?”



Then there was the previous organic Moroccan Mint tea bags:  Good.


Next, Organic Moroccan Mint tea in cute little tins with a packet of Organic Cane Sugar, to sweeten:        Better . . . but messy!


And lastly, biodegradable tea bags filled with fragrant Organic Moroccan Mint tea and a tin of Organic Cane Sugar, to sweeten:  Best!



So the process of re-booting has been a challenge, a bit messy, engaging, yet fun!  Most small businesses have their challenges, but also great rewards. I think it provides a much better experience for my clients who are interested in exploring the world through food such as found in our Exotic Moroccan Feast.  On to the next box!


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