One of the most exciting products we’ve added to our Exotic Moroccan Feast is culinary Argan oil.


Found exclusively in Morocco, Argan trees produce one of the most beneficial oils known to man, especially high in essential fatty acids and Vitamin E. And the goats. The goats nimbly climb the branches of the Argan tree in search of its seeds. These seeds are essential for Moroccan farmers to crack, roast, and grind to release its oils.

We just received another shipment of Argan oil from The Argan Project  (


The Argan Project is a local San Diego company that acquires their oil, both culinary and cosmetic, from women-owned cooperatives in Morocco which benefits these Moroccan women with added income to help their families during times of need. Go to their website to learn more about these cooperatives. And check out our website to see, and purchase, our Exotic Moroccan Feast gift box which includes a bottle of this culinary Argan oil along with other exciting items from Morocco plus organic spices and honey to help the receiver create their own Moroccan dinner party.


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