Loyalty:  reliable, trusty, faithfulness, support. No, I’m not attempting to fill a Cabinet post. I, as a small business owner, am assessing the loyalty of my customers. If you’re a small business owner also, do you have a way to draw in a loyal customer base?



Hot off the presses! I just picked up from the printer my newly-designed Loyalty Passports. By the way, beginning to use a professional printer for all my printing needs such as brochures, etc., was a SMART idea. What took me so long? And if you’re still printing your small business products at home, run, don’t walk, to a small, local printer, not a big box store. I am so pleased with the care and service of the local person I found.

After a lot of downloading of templates (hmmm, that one is for Mac only, bummer) and cutting and pasting, I came up with what represents my company and vision and allows me to grow a loyal fan base.



One of the fun parts was designing stamps to ship out with each dinner box, each stamp representing the theme of the box. What do you think?


All designed to present a terrific theme dinner box experience. The re-design of the Moroccan dinner box is ready to ship out with some new authentic products just received from Morocco. Now I must speed up my re-creation of each of my existing dinner boxes and the creation of new dinner box experiences. Lots of work, but so much fun! Head on over to my website, passportdinners.com, and buy one, or more, today! Become Loyal,  Reliable, Trustworthy, Faithful, Supportive.


Passport Dinners:

Taste the World, One Box at a Time