As Queen Cleopatra knew, the legendary Queen of Egypt and the coveted object of many hearts, milk leaves the skin soft with a healthy, sexy glow.  A warm bath in milk was one of her many secrets to beauty and allure.

In the arid desert regions where camels thrive, camel’s milk has long been used to increase passion. And Cleopatra knew this well. Therefore, a camel’s milk bath would definitely be one of her secrets. And we think you’d rather luxuriate in a warm bath, perhaps with a loved one, rather than sip on camel’s milk.

Our Passport to Passion includes a fragrant Camel Milk soap bar infused with lavender.

As for oil of lavender, it has been proven through scientific study that the scent of lavender is a powerful aphrodisiac that many men find hard to resist. Camel’s milk soap, yes. Warm bath, yes. Oil of lavender, yes.

So, scatter rose petals to lead to a warm bath, perhaps infused with milk like Cleopatra. Just add 2 cups of milk to your warm bath water, and soap up with your loved one using our fragrant Camel Milk soap bar.

Valentine’s Day comes once a year, but love can be for any day of the year.



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