One of our favorite shops to visit in San Diego is Catalina Offshore Products ( They are known for supporting local and sustainable fisheries, they provide local fresh fish to many of the restaurants in the area, and they are especially known for the California sea urchin, or uni. This is something we have long desired to try, but until recently hadn’t had the chance.

So we popped by Catalina Offshore and picked up a sea urchin. What to do! On the way home I watched a bunch of YouTube videos on how to handle this spiny creature. At home, with gloves on (the juice is almost like squid ink) and armed with kitchen shears, I cut the top off to expose the uni, or gonads, of the urchin.


Hmmm, not a lot of meat or uni to taste. And not sure of the taste. But I always believe in trying something at least once, and probably twice, so we’ll have a go again. After all, many foodies rave about the taste of uni.

While at Catalina Offshore, we also picked up a whole striped bass which we prepared


simply with tomatoes, garlic, and parsley, stove top, then popped in the oven. So not so pretty when I moved her to the serving dish with the pasta, but flaky and full of flavor. And definitely enough for another meal!



We also picked up a couple of beautiful spot prawns, layered in a foil packet with butter, white wine, garlic and lemon slices. Oh, yeah, beautiful AND delicious.


To help satisfy our cravings for all things fish, we recently discovered Top Choice Fish (, another market in our North County San Diego area, right next door to and owned by a favorite unusual meat market, Tip Top (think bone marrow, quail, rabbit, and giant tomahawk rib-eyes).

I’m not sure if they strive for sustainability or local fish, but the fish is fresh and well presented. We chose some tender baby calamari which we sauteed up with olive oil, butter, LOTS of garlic, and parsley. Very tender.

2017-05-12 18.20.52

We also chose two large prawns, full of roe. I googled a recipe on preparing and eating the whole heads of these babies (I’m kinda a newbie at whole prawn cooking and eating) and came up with this blog which was SO MUCH FUN TO READ!

2017-05-12 18.25.31

After laughing and stopping to read more of it to my husband, I finally got down to business. Yes! Oil (canola), chili oil, rice flour, yellow onion slivers, some chopped red shishitos from my yard, fresh ground pepper and sprinkling of sea salt.

2017-05-12 18.38.56

We really, really liked these. So, there’s our adventures in Going Fishin’. Until our next seafood adventure. Hope this inspires you to give new seafoods a try.


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