Just updated our Date Nite box to make it a great night for couples looking to re-connect.

Date night is important, for time alone as a couple, for sharing experiences throughout a relationship, and to remind ourselves why we love one another.

Deeper into a relationship, regular re-connections can keep your bond strong, keep romance alive. It’s time to give romance the attention it deserves.

So plan a date night surprise. The time you’ve taken to set aside and plan a special night will impress your partner, and he or she will know you don’t taken them for granted. Call Grandma to watch the kids; ask a neighbor to watch the dog (or cat); have some uninterrupted time, just the two of you.

Whether it’s handcuffs or just a hot and heavy make-out session, our Date Nite box, begun with a passionate kiss and a scattering of rose petals, is the perfect start. Time to flirt and play!