Valentine’s Day: Passport to Passion


Our Passport to Passion, perfect for lovers on Valentine’s Day or any day of the year, is bursting with items such as: Lavender Oil Infused Camel’s Milk Soap (for a luxurious bath for 2, Cleopatra’s Bath Secret []), Lovers Edible Body Butter (leaves skin soft, supple, and kissable♥), Metallic Gold Champagne or Cocktail Rim Sugar (to add sparkle to sipping), Gooey Dark Chocolate Deliciousness (organic dark chocolate-filled jar ready to pop in the microwave; just add strawberries for dipping), For fun, a Heart-shaped cookie cutter (minus luscious cheeses, exotic meats, & tasty fruits), Plus more . . .


Ah, Valentine’s Day. It can be a day of so much pressure. We’ve created our Passport to Passion Valentine’s boxes to be less pressure and more fun for both of you.

Of course, our Passport for Passion is not just for Valentine’s Day! It’s for anytime you want to bump up the romance. Enjoying our Passport to Passion box is the most #romantic way to lighten the mood on  #valentinesday, or any day of the year.

So relax, and enjoy!

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